Return policy

The client can cancel his purchase within 30 days in written form (f.i. letter or e-mail) or by returning the merchandise, without giving reason for doing so. The period begins at receipt of the goods, and not before receiving this stipulation. The cancellation is considered punctual when the cancellation or the merchandise is sent in time. The revocation should be adressed to:

 Terra Melodica e.K.
 An der Gatower Heide 24,
 14089  Berlin 

At the return consignment of (part of) the merchandise within 30 days, in case the total value of the order is no more than 40 Euros, the client will bear the cost of delivery, if the merchandise was delivered correctly as ordered. Otherwise the return consignment within 30 days is free for the client.

The right to cancellation does not apply to the order of audio- and video recordings, when the delivered record carriers were sealed upon delivery and these seals were broken by the client.